The creative space itself as a stimulus to creative thinking

The creative space itself as a stimulus to creative thinking

When planning a brainstorming or strategic growth session, any space is good, right? 🤔 At the end of the day, what is the point of a creative space?

We believe that there is more than meets the eye. That a space really affects the mind. Creative Wonderland is a space for growth. We touched on the first element that triggers creative thinking, which we have incorporated into our creative space in a previous post: views of nature. The second element that triggers the mind is the space itself.

One of the elements that stimulates creative thinking in general is freedom. Freedom to decide on your own work and ideas. And because we are influenced by the space we are in, we are able to customise our space in such a way as to highlight this sense of freedom.

How? Briefly, by limiting or blurring possible boundaries, creating an atmosphere of endless possibilities. Some examples from our creative space Create:

✨ The stretch ceiling, which creates round corners and leads your gaze -very gently- to our skylight.

☀️ Lots of natural sunlight lighting up the room through the 2 large windows.

🌻 Everything is left white, so your thoughts can wander freely. Including tables and chairs. With a splash of colour here and there to keep it interesting 😉.

Create is the ideal creative space for divergent thinking.

Create, our ultimate creative space @ Creative Wonderland.

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