Inspiration and the creative space

Inspiration and the creative space

We continue on our journey towards the ideal creative space 🤪…. We have already talked about the importance of views of nature and the design of the space itself. The next important aspect to prompt the mind to come up with those far-fetched and crazy ideas (remember, we are in the divergent phase of the ideation process) is inspiration. Our brain needs that little spark. A fire starter to extract unexpected connections from everything stored in your mind.

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. You can find inspiration during a conversation with your colleagues, by surfing the internet or reading stories. You can also find it in the way we build and style a space. How did we apply this in Creative Wonderland?

  • 🧸 We have a whole range of books, children’s toys, etc. to serve as inspiration. We replace and rearrange regularly to keep things interesting.
  • 🧱 We deliberately left parts of our space unfinished. Examples include the visible brickwork in the office and conference room Nurture (painted a clean white) and the visible construction beams (in warm yellow).
  • 🍃 Nature is one of our biggest sources of inspiration. There is a whole separate branch of innovation called Bio-mimicry. And Daan Roosegaarde, too, has already achieved stunning results. A Dutch designer whose mantra is ‘Schoonheid’ (referring to both Beauty as in creativity and cleanliness as in clean air and energy).

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