Welcome to our unique meeting venue in an enchanting green setting

Enter a world where your business meeting will be transformed into a meaningful encounter. Upon arrival, you will be immersed in the lush beauty of our green surroundings. Our estate, a true oasis, invites you to experience business meetings in a unique location, surrounded by a green environment that offers a year-round inspiring atmosphere. It is an ideal venue for both medium and small groups seeking new energy and new insights. Our enchanting green surroundings embrace your senses from the moment you arrive. The beautiful greenery stretches to the horizon, with each step revealing new perspectives and possibilities. Step out of the daily grind and be enveloped by the soothing and invigorating atmosphere of this special meeting venue. A fresh scent of plants and trees permeates the air, a harmonious aroma that accompanies you as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor around you. Explore the different corners of our green surroundings, each a unique place for contemplation and inspiration.

Outdoor meetings in harmony with nature

Bridge over the stream heading to the meeting room in natureOur enchanting estate offers an ideal location for business meetings, where each corner offers a unique setting with breathtaking views of the lush greenery. Be enveloped by the fresh scent of trees as you enjoy a delightful walk through various places and spaces, where every step is a discovery and every moment can be a new source of inspiration.

Step into our enchanting outdoor spaces and discover how each nook offers a unique setting with fantastic views of lush greenery.

Enjoy the ideal location offered by our estate, where every step is a delightful walk through an oasis of tranquility and creative energy. Every corner reveals a view that not only stimulates your senses, but also opens new perspectives for a fruitful and inspiring meeting experience.

Enter this green oasis, where the lush surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for invigorating walks that not only relax, but also bring new insights. Feel the harmony between the fantastic views and inspiring location as you explore the trails that take you on a delightful journey of discovery through this enchanting setting.

Green meeting locations

Meeting in nature, only at Creative Wonderland

Our garden transcends the concept of a mere setting; it is the beating soul of Creative Wonderland. This is where not only meetings take place, but also the essential principles of inspiration, healing and recovery. Nature is not just a backdrop; it is the heart of our identity. It is our true habitat, the source of life of which we are all a unique part in this greater whole.

Enter this vibrant landscape, where different ecosystems seamlessly come together in harmonious interplay. Every corner, every space within this enchanting estate, tells a story of eclectic beauty and offers a new perspective on nature’s interconnectedness.

Stroll through our green meeting venues and see how the diversity of flora and fauna creates a symphony of life. From the majestic trees to the colorful plants, each element contributes to the vibrancy of this environment. The rustling of leaves and the melodious singing of birds form a background chorus that envelops the meetings in an atmosphere of tranquility and creativity.

Discover a unique setting in each room of this estate that stimulates the senses and feeds the imagination. These green meeting venues are not just places of gathering, but true oases where ideas thrive and creativity flourishes.

An oasis of tranquility and inspiration

Meeting room at the pond in the sheeps meadow near LouvainStep into our garden, where the daily grind fades and a world of discovery unfolds. Here we invite you to wander freely and follow your curiosity. Every path you walk, every corner you explore, is a chance to find inspiration in the endless variety of natural splendor.

Our garden offers more than an escape; it is a place where curious minds are encouraged to explore, learn and grow. Among the lush foliage and along the winding paths you will find hidden treasures of inspiration waiting to be discovered.

Be enticed by the subtle melodies of nature, where every sound, breath of wind or song of a bird can be a source of creativity. Here, in the midst of this living painting, ideas are born and grow into refreshing new concepts.

The magic of our unique location

Unique feature at Creative Wonderland near LouvainDiscover the variety of natural meeting spots that our garden offers. Each of these spots offers a unique atmosphere and setting that stimulates the imagination and transforms business meetings into extraordinary experiences.

Under the shelter of the elder, in the embrace of its leaves, an intimate space is created where ideas can flow freely. Below the tree house, you’ll find a cozy and secluded environment, perfect for in-depth discussions and creative brainstorming sessions.

Step into the sheep pasture, where the scent of wood and earth merge to create an environment steeped in peace and serenity. Between grazing sheep by the pond, a natural and soothing setting is created that refreshes and inspires the mind.

But the gem of our garden? Under the majestic willow, along the babbling stream, you will find an enchanting spot where the natural environment and tranquility come together harmoniously. Here, business meetings unfold naturally in an atmosphere of serenity and inspiration.

Refreshing energy and new perspectives

Step inside our unique meeting venue, a beautiful estate infused with nature’s profound wisdom. Here, amid our lush and inspiring wooded surroundings, business meetings experience a redefinition, where new ideas sprout and grow.

Meeting outdoors on our property is more than a simple change of setting. It is a rejuvenating experience where harmony with nature generates new energy and innovative insights. The refreshing atmosphere, complemented by the calming green surroundings, sets the stage for creative exchanges and transformative discussions.

Step into this dynamic environment and discover how outdoor meetings are not just a temporary escape, but become an essential part of business growth and evolution. This is not just where meetings are held; this is where visions are sharpened, new strategies are formed and valuable insights are created that rock the business world.

Welcome to our enchanting meeting venue, where business meetings come together, new perspectives are awakened and where the synergy between nature and business creates a new standard. Here, in this unique setting, you will discover how the wisdom of nature becomes a powerful ally in the business world, where the natural environment not only inspires but also points the way to unprecedented possibilities.

The natural splendor of our unique meeting location

This special venue is a true treasure trove of biodiversity that provides a home for a plethora of trees, each with a unique and enchanting appearance. From the slender grace of the black alder to the majestic presence of the ash, each of these trees contributes to the picturesque atmosphere that characterizes our venue. Their distinctive features and quirky beauty add a deep dimension to the magical landscape that envelops our estate.

While these majestic trees play the leading role in our green carpet, colorful and imposing birds flutter and soar in the sky. The colorful appearance of the kingfisher, the regal flight of the buzzard and the cheerful chirping of the robins are just a glimpse of the vibrant ecosystem that calls this enchanting setting their home.

Walking through our expansive grounds and along winding paths, surrounded by this treasure trove of nature, you will discover the harmony between different life forms coming together in perfect symbiosis. Each rustle of leaves, each melodious bird call, adds a touch of enchantment to our green oasis, where natural splendor further enriches every moment.


Welcome to our unique meeting venue, a beautiful estate infused with nature’s profound wisdom. Here, amid our enchanting, wooded surroundings, business meetings find a new dynamic and opportunities for groundbreaking change arise.

Meeting outdoors at our green meeting venue offers an invigorating escape from the usual business setting. It provides the ideal environment where new perspectives emerge and where the positive effect of natural inspiration enriches the business world.

Step inside this environment and discover how outdoor meetings are not just a snapshot, but become an essential part of an evolution in business approaches. This is not just where meetings are held; this is where visions are shaped, paths explored and new directions taken. This beautiful location is a place where the wisdom of nature becomes a source of innovation, where new ideas flourish and where business meetings turn into opportunities.

It’s time to experience how the natural environment has a positive effect on the business world. Welcome to our enchanting meeting venue, where business meetings come together, new perspectives emerge and change is the only constant.

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