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Welcome to Creative Wonderland!

Looking for inspiration, the hen with golden eggs, your unique value proposition? For your organisation, your team or yourself?
Put business-as-usual on hold and let’s go down the rabbit hole together…

not an ordinary meeting room

Creative Wonderland combines sleek, warm-orange architecture with industrial charm, on a background of luscious greenery, with a nod to its agricultural history. Enjoy the phenomenal view of the neighboring church tower, a (not always) silent witness to the passage of time.

Our meeting room is suitable for groups of up to 40 people for workshops, trainings, team building and brainstorming sessions. We can receive up to 99 guests for events or book presentations.

Our focus is on facilitating creativity, innovation and change in mindset and behavior. We offer you the serenity of a blank page, where everything is really possible, as long as you can imagine it. To get clarity about what it is really about for you, your team and / or your company.

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