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  • Create – breakouts EN – main

    main space

    The focus of the main space of meeting room Create is outward, on expansion, airiness, with an emphasis on the greatness of the space. The two large windows paint a picture of on the one hand urbanisation  with a paved terrace and church tower. And on the other hand, the rural; with the extensive garden and nature reserve. The skylight displays a permanent painting: “the sky is the limit”.

  • Meeting room Create is very suited for a flexible set-up: from a free space without tables, an arrangement in a circle or theater, to classroom.


    Flipcharts are at your disposal, and a TV screen and audio system for presentations. Would you prefer to look at things through pink (blue, yellow, green…) glasses? We can arrange that too!


    Adjacent to the main space, we have a number of break-out spaces at your disposal – some closed off, some not.

    Create – breakouts EN – main
  • Capaciteit vergaderzaal Create -EN

    capacity meeting room Create

For a floor map of our meeting spaces and break-out rooms

  • Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms


    Only for daredevils that have nothing to hide (closed off).

  • perspective

    Gain a different perspective on things. Relax in the comfy cushions with stunning views on the garden. 

    Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms
  • Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms


    Show what you mean! Different types of material are at your disposal for prototyping (closed off).

  • texture

    Take advantage of the different textures and flexible set-up to broaden your view on things.

    Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms
  • Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms


    When times call for a more discrete space, find tranquility in the office.

  • box

    Have you ever wondered what’s it like to write on walls? Give it a go!

    Create – breakouts EN – breakout rooms

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