• Onze ruimtes – overzicht EN

    The meeting room Creative Wonderland is based in the rural community of Meldert, part of Hoegaarden. Right in the center of village on the border of the nature reserve Mene en Jordaan.

    The building is split in 2 separate yet coherent rooms. The focus of meeting room Create is outward, on expansion, airiness, with an emphasis on the spaciousness of the room.

  • The focus of meeting room Nurture is directed inwards, providing much needed fuel to body and mind. It is ideally suited to get together and make the right decisions.

    Onze ruimtes – overzicht EN
  • Onze ruimtes – overzicht EN

    Are you tired of being inside? The landscape garden Boost surrounding the building offers a diversity of cozy spots for you to literally meet in nature. Continue your meetings fueled by the oxygen of outside. What are you feeling like today: a view on grazing sheep, hidden in the forest or the sound of a babbling brook?

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