Waar te parkeren bij Creative Wonderland?Creative Wonderland is situated in the center of Meldert (St.- Ermelindisstraat 11, 3320 Meldert/Hoegaarden), on the left side of the church.

Parking is available either at the church, or in the parking lot of Hall Saint-Ermelindis.

Attention for participants coming from the direction of Leuven or via the Boutersem exit (E40 Brussel-Luik): due to works on the road between Opvelp and Meldert, a detour is foreseen via Bevekom / Beauvechain.

Vergaderzaal gelegen achter onze woning


The meeting room itself is located in our garden, behind our house. Access to the room can be found to the right of the house, through the driveway. Just walk through, welcome!

Would you like the route planner with indication of parking options?


St.-Ermelindisstraat 11
3320 Meldert

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