Views of nature stimulate creativity

Views of nature stimulate creativity

Have you ever wondered why in one environment innovative ideas pop up like popcorn? And somewhere else, your brain just seems to go into hibernation? What elements in a space excite the mind, enhance creative thinking and spur growth? Over the next few weeks, we will share five features of a space that trigger creativity. Because space can really activate the mind. Remember our post around travel time? Namely: how to turn your travel time around by being open to the breathtaking vistas on the drive to our space Creative Wonderland. That’s a perfect example of how views of nature stimulate the brain, encouraging growth and creative thinking!

Views of nature – nature as a restorative environment

To explain the effect of views of nature on our brain, we like to refer to the concept of “Nature as a restorative environment”. A concept studied and introduced by Kaplan & Kaplan in 1989 in their book “The Experience of Nature – A Psychological Perspective”. The study deals with the concept of mental fatigue. A state of mind in which people are so mentally fatigued that they can barely function. The struggle to pay attention in a cluttered, confusing and ever-demanding environment appears to be one of the central causes of mental fatigue. Now, views of nature in particular appears to offer peace and recovery.

Why is this such an important concept? A stressed mind, full of noise, is not a creative mind.

Walking in nature

Several other studies describe the beneficial effect of walking in nature on creativity. In particular, the divergent phase in the creative process benefits from walking in nature. We refer to the quote by Friederich Nietzsche: “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”.

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