Travel Time: waste of time or part of the journey?

Travel Time: waste of time or part of the journey?

One of the essential parts of benefiting 200% of a training, workshop or brainstorm session is as simple as being present. Physically and mentally. Being able to leave the day-to-day shizlle at the door and dive in. There are different techniques to accomplish this. From elaborate openers and energizers to doing a basic round-the-table. But there is another way that, with a little effort, is quicker and more efficient. Use your travel time wisely.

While we were both still working remote, our journey home always gave us the mental break that we needed to arrive fully home and face the challenges of a young family. From whichever direction you travel to our meeting space, once you leave the surrounding villages, the route itself leads you through magnificent open fields with breathtaking views as far as you can see. A 10 to 15 minutes of freedom at the end of your journey. The only thing you need to do, is to be present. No phone calls, no audio books. Just be present, be still and be amazed. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the road 😉.

Once you arrive at Creative Wonderland, our garden too is always a bit of a holiday. Various nooks and benches, always something different to see behind every corner. Take a walk through our very own little woodland. Admire the ancient willow by the stream. Discover our girl’s favorite hiding place under the elderberry bushes. All you need to do is to walk out the door and go on a little adventure.

Grounding – next level? Laze in the hammocks between the alders and the peacefully grazing sheep. Or between the rustling reeds at the willow hut. Become completely zen on the bench at the sheep meadow.

Did you know we even dedicated an entire post to why Creative Wonderland is the most heavenly meeting room near Leuven?

What do you think: is travel time merely a waste of time or can it be part of something magical? As always – that is up to you.

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