Flexibility and creativity…

Flexibility and creativity…

And we have arrived at the last element in a space that stimulates creativity and leads to innovative ideas: flexibility. Did you miss the previous posts? A great start is already this one: nature as inspiration. Or our post around space itself as a stimulus to creative thinking.

Because once the mind is exposed to the same space day after day, routine inevitably sets in. No matter how nice that space is. Flexibility in the design of a space is essential to keep the mind active and alert. Artificial grass as flooring was a big hit 10 years ago. Now it’s more business as usual.

We have played with many different ideas when designing our space. Moveable walls, floors with holes in them to place chairs and tables on a pole…. In the end, we opted for a timeless design – a blank canvas.

Some inspiration on how we apply flexibility at Creative Wonderland?

🌳 All our large items are on wheels and can be placed anywhere: from tables to TV screens and flipcharts. Lightweight stackable chairs ensure 100% flexibility;

🌿 We have multiple writing surfaces. Write on the walls in our breakout space the Box. Meeting room Nurture has its own magnetic white-board wall. Once closed, it can be used on both sides. And serves as a handy divider from the kitchen. And we promise never to run out of painter’s tape: the best option for hanging paper on walls….

🧶 We chose different settings in our breakout rooms to keep minds sharp: Reflect with mirrors everywhere, Perspective as a lowered seating area, Texture with carpet on the walls and cosy seating in bright colours…

💡Flexible lighting options allow you to set the light just right. Most lamps are dimmable via wall-mounted iPads. Prefer a little less sunlight? Close the gates at the touch of a button.

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