Activate your senses and stimulate creativity

Activate your senses and stimulate creativity

Speak to all senses… Stimulate your creative muscle by activating all the senses!

In our previous post, we talked about the need for inspiration to keep creative ideas flowing…. After all, the ordinary, predictable ideas are not the ones we need to create those innovative products! We need to dig not into the conscious mind, but into the subconscious mind!

I am truly fascinated by the power of the mind! The subtleties and mysterious ways the brain works is incredible. What I have noticed is that subtle clues, which we don’t notice with our conscious mind, can open up a whole area of truly creative and innovative ideas! So how do we trigger the brain? By triggering the senses….

In our information-driven world, we tend to focus mainly on sight, the eyes. Imagine what a wonderful world we could create if we also engaged the other senses: touch, smell, taste and hearing. Not to mention the 6th and 7th senses 😄.

How did we apply this at Creative Wonderland?

🌳 Our unique moss wall in meeting room Nurture;

Activate your senses: our own unique moss wall

🌿 Break-out room Perspective offers a different perspective, with comfortable seating;

Take a different perspective on the world

🧶 We have an entire space covered in fabric: carpet on the floor and walls, soft chairs and hand-felted sheepskin – welcome to breakout space Texture;

Activate your senses: touch!

🌲Our entire kitchen is made of wood, which is also a nice reference to nature;

Our kitchen

🙉 We worked very hard to improve our acoustics; they were – let’s be honest – far from acceptable in the beginning….;

☕ And we also mentioned this in our previous post: we serve – in our humble opinion – the best coffee we could find…. The ideal break, along with a homemade biscuit 🍪…

Enjoy our tasty snacks

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